hello, my name is Nicholas O'Brien.

I'm an artist, researcher, and cultural producer.

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Selected Past Work

Echo, short story, 2017
Notes on the Species Diversity of Artificial Object, short story, 2016 (published as part of the 3D Additivist Cookbook)
Masters Chambers, video game (collaboration with Sydney Shen), 2015
Always Into the Sunset, site-specific sound installation, 2015
The Switchboard, short story & digital images, 2015
Ways of Something–Episode 1 (min #17), digital animation, 2014
You Alright?, digital animation, 2014 (commission by Opening Times)
Forgetting the Internet, short story & animations, 2014
When All My Friends Are on at Once, short story, 2013
Interface, digital animation, 2013 (collaboration with Rashaun Mitchell & Fraser Taylor)
Farms at the End of Winter, digital animation, 2013
The Wanderer, video game & installation, 2012 (score by Krist Wood)
Temporary Memorial Project for Jobbers' Canyon Built with ConAgra Products, online, 2012 (2011-12 Turbulence.org Commission funded by the NEA)
Shadow Puppets in Front of Paintings, digital video & performance (in collaboration with Adán De La Garza), 2012
What Have we Done, digital video & performance (for jstchillin), 2011
Grasswalk, digital video, 2009
People at Night, machinima/digital video, 2009
Model Home, digital video, 2009 (updated 2017 for The Photographers Gallery)
The Natural, digital video, 2008


On Slowing Down and Nuturing Friendships, interview with Willa Kroener for The Creative Independent, 2018
Gaming on The Fringe: 2017 Roundup, by Lana Polansky, 2017
10 Netartists to Look Out For, Dazed Digital by Zach Kaplan, 2016
POV: Nicholas O'Brien, conversation with Undervolt.co, 2016
An Interview with Nicholas O'Brien, interview with AQNB, 2015
In the Hollow of the Valley, interview with Claire Evans for Motherboard, 2015
New Hive Artist Interview, by Lindsay Howard, 2015
A Cups, podcast interview with Ann Hirsch and Angela Washko

Selected Writing / Publications

Love me, Hate me, Play with Me: Ian Cheng, essay for Metropolis M, 2018
Rowena Harris–Project Dialog, creative essay for Space in Between, 2017
Prefaces, catalog essay for Jordan Tate, 2017
Skins, Chips, and Stone of Jordans, essay for Rhizome.org, 2016
SUPERBLACK, catalog essay for Jordan Tate, 2014
Co-location, catalog essay for Fiona Marron, 2013
Decenter NY/DC Interviews, catalog interviews for Decenter Armory, 2013
On Plein Air, catalog essay for Rick Silva, 2013
Finding Place in the Digital, essay for Junk Jet N°6, 2013


Games for Change Festival Juror, 2018
Activatar, App Publishing platform, collaborator with Christopher Manzione, 2017-18
PAF festival, Juror & Guest Speaker, 2014
The New Romantics, co-curated exhibition with Claudia Hart & Katie Torn at Eyebeam, 2014
Notes on a New Nature, exhibition series presented at 319 Scholes and Arti et Amicitiae, 2011-13