Hello, my name is Nicholas O'Brien. I am a researcher and cultural producer.
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The Trolley 2016-17
A video game essay about the rapid discontinuation and dismantling of trolley systems across the United States.

Download the game and watch the trailer here.

Cross Timbers 2016
A semi-procedurally generated video game essay about the Cross Timbers region. This work was initially installed for The Space Between The Skies at Apexart curated by Chris Manzione.

Here is the catalog essay I wrote for that exhibition.
Photo documentation here.

The Four Tools 2016
A series of 3D animations ruminating on the social and cultural meaning of the coatrack, the churchkey, the eraser, and the broom.

Curated by Katherine Behar for Baruch College's New Media Artspace.
View the work here.

Master's Chambers 2016
A horror / escape game made with Sydney Shen. More info about the project can be found on this dedicated site.

Download available for Mac and PC can be found here.

Always Into the Sunset 2015
This site-specific sound installation was part of the Satellite Artist-Run Fair during Miami Art Week for Sediment.

Listen to the work here.

In the Hollow of the Valley 2015
Point-and-click misadventure on birth of Software as a Service and Salesforce.com commissioned by NewHive. Premiered on Terraform with excellent Q+A by Claire Evans.

View the work here.
Another excellent interview about this work with Lindsay Howard can be found here.

The Switchboard 2015
Commissioned online work with 3D renderings for Essex Flowers about internet isolationism and the future of sovereign networks.

View the work here.

As Much as We Sweep 2014
Made for the ongoing online portfolio series commissioned by Bomb Magazine, this 3D animation muses on the purpose of sweeping and the shared futility of using a broom.

View the work here.

PAF 13th Festival of Film Animation Olomouc 2014
Curator, speaker, and judge for experimental animation, film, video, and installation works held in Olomouc, CZ.

Information about the festival can be found here.

Deuxface.biz 2014
Part of an exhibition The Shortest Distance Between Two Points by Rachel Steinberg, the online project Parallelograms asked a group of artists to re-imagine the two faces of the USD quarter in a gesture of rethinking exchange and value.

View the full work and purchse my quarter without watermark here.

Ways of Something - Episode 1 2014
Participant in an ongoing series of remaking John Berger's canonical BBC documentary organized by Lorna Mills. Each artist is asked to remake a one minuet section with subtitles in whatever style they wish. I chose minuet #17.

The full video can be found here.

You Alright? 2014
Essay and Video for Opening Times. The work reflects on space and access based on a research visit to London.

Watch the work here.
For more information about this project read this interview.

The New Romantics 2014
Co-curated exhibition at Eyebeam with Claudia Hart and Katie Torn.

More info can be found here.
Photo documentation here.

Catalog Essay for Jordan Tate for his solo exhibition at Transformer Station.

Information about this exhibition and publication can be found here.

Videorover: Season 7 2013
Curated video program for NURTUREart, for their Videorover series.

See the rotation calendar here.

Co-location 2013
Essay on meeting the financial futures creator Leo Malemed for Fiona Marron's show at Rua Red.

When All of My Friends Are on at Once 2013
Short story written for an online anthology organized by Gene McHugh. Read the story here.

Eye and Ear Clinic Artists Presentation at The School of the Art Institute of Chicago 2013
Artists lecture about past work and upcoming projects. More info about Eye and Ear Clinic can be found here.

Nicholas O'Brien Interviews 2013
Series of interviews for Decenter Armory with Cory Arcangel, James Bridle, Sara VanDerBeek, Letha Wilson, and more.

Edge Effect 2013
Edge Effect is an ongoing project platform inviting artists to embed aspects of their work within Google Street View (best viewed in Chrome).

See the work here.

Organized by Chris Timms.

A Cups 2013
Interview with Ann Hirsch and Angela Washko about misogyny and homophobia in video games, avatar otherness, 'net art', and more.

Listen to the interview here.

6<<<>>>6: A Grotto of New Reliquaries 2013
Exhibition at Interstate Projects in Brooklyn. This small exhibition contained work by Joel Holmberg, Travess Smalley, and Jasper Spicero.

Rendering Time 2013
Catalog essay for Claudia Hart and Alex M. Lee's show of the same title at Gallery DOS in Seoul.

Download Copy Here.

Notes on a New Nature: Place, Myth, and Memory 2013
Exhibition at Arti et Amicitiae in Amsterdam. The second iteration of an ongoing research project about the ways in which digital artists are working within an ongoing history of landscape representation.

Full documentation here.

On Plein Air 2013
An essay for Rick Silva's show at Transfer Gallery.

Download Copy Here.

Interface 2013
Collaborative work containing choreography by Rashaun Mitchell, set and fabric design by Fraser Taylor and video/animation by myself which premiered at the Baryshnikov Art Center.

The Wanderer 2012
This video game work explores the relationship between Romanticism and contemporary digital art. You play as the ghost of Romanticism's past, drifting through a purgatory built from notable paintings by Caspar David Friedrich.

Score by Krist Wood.
Installation images here.

Farms at the End of Winter 2013
This short animation is inspired by looking out the window during lengthy bus trips I made between Cincinnati and Chicago. This work is included is included in SPAMM: Safari.

Waiting for the Drop 2013
Listening performance of top dubstep remixes according to online forums. The series of photos document my reaction to the moment when the bass is dropped. Made for pdf publication Ruler #2.

Finding Place in the Digital 2013
Essay written for Junk Jet issue N°6 - Here and Where edited by Mona Mahall and Asli Serbest.

Temporary Memorial Project for Jobbers' Canyon Built with ConAgra Products 2012
2011-2012 Commission of New Radio and Performing Arts, Inc. for its Turbulence web site. This project was made possible with funding from the National Endowments of the Arts.

Full documentation here.

Three Ways of Evaluating Landscape as a Work of Art 2012
This video looks at landscape in three different ways: silently, narrated, and loudly.

Shadow Puppets in Front of Paintings (Art Institute of Chicago) 2012 Collaborative performance with Adan De La Garza. This performance playfully suggests how the standards of interactive art have seemingly rendered traditional museums obsolete.

Notes on a New Nature 2011
Exhibition at 319 Scholes, Brooklyn
The first iteration of a research project regarding the relevance of landscape representation in digital art. This show was highlighted as a top 10 exhibition of 2011 by Paddy Johnson.

Full documentation here.

My Favorite Parts of Songs about Losting Love 2011
A short video performance of solo karaoke in a relatively empty studio.

Youth Culture at Future Gallery in Berlin (Co-Curated with Adan De La Garza)
This show came out of a conversation between the co-curators about the different contexts in which one's age takes particular social validity: punk shows, university teaching, and contemporary art making.

Full Documentation here.

A Small Forest at Kunsthalle New co-curated with Bea Fremderman
This small exhibition explores delicate landscapes developed and appropriated by artists finding and manipulating environments living on within a digital screen.

Learning to Speak with an Irish Accent ongoing
This collection of youtube performances is a series of videos attempting to develop a better irish accent. The youtube channel can be accessed here.

What Have We Done 2011
Reading and Performance commemorating the discontinuation of the jstchillin project initiated by Caitlin Denny and Parker Ito.

Locrian - Pathogens 2011
A music video animation and game mod map for Locrian's The Crystal World double LP.

Arrowheads 2010
A collection of randomly selected shapes resembling arrowheads pulled from seamless textures for video game mods. Individual arrowheads are titled and sorted by original file name.

Grasswalk 2009
Modded map and scripted camera using Valve's Hammer engine.

People at Night 2009
A short machinima video using Valve's Half-Life 2 Hammer engine with a reading of Rilke's People at Night (read by D.E. Wittkower for librivox.org)

Model Home 2009
This work comprises screen recordings of manipulated model homes taken from Google's 3D warehouse. Using a simple Ruby script to unpack prefabricated buildings, moving components around in space disrupts the foundations of these idyllic domestic environments.

The Natural 2008
This six minute video juxtaposes the visual and aural similarities between BBC's Planet Earth and the Lord of the Rings Trilogy.